About Cornerstone Oxford

Emerging from the European Space Agency’s business incubation program at Harwell in 2017 and progressing to the Science & Technology Facilities Council £20m Technology Access Center for Innovation, Research and Development Cornerstone Oxford is an early stage organisation surrounded by the world class science of STFC, ESA and CERN with specialist multidisciplinary support from technical staff and an extensive network of academic and industry experts.
Our office resides within the historically significant Atlas building that once housed the UKs fastest supercomputer and the close-knit community that operated it, the building still houses a CERN tier one data centre. The location has a rich history of problem solving and innovation and there is a  unique open innovation culture, range of facilities and expertise at the Harwell campus.  In two years Cornerstone has utilised advanced additive manufacturing, GPU supercomputing and electronics fabrication to deliver solutions for its partners.
2018 work will take advantage of space borne instrument data in for it’s reflektor program and develop richer ties to RAL, and ESA ECSAT, through participation in the Sentinel Sandbox program.  The next few years are looking to be exciting ones for an organisation that thrives on venture partnerships and collaboration engineering.

Cornerstone Oxford was founded by Stephen McNeilly and John Lange

Harwell Campus – A problem solving village

Meet the Founders

Stephen McNeilly
Stephen McNeillyFounder - Director
John Lange
John LangeFounder - Director