New for Q2 2017 | Addressing the need for scientific and technical capture for survey, visualisation and virtual reality, Cornerstone Oxford released a unique twenty-four sensor 8k 3D video camera system for use in partner projects.   The system records accurate immersive imagery and structure with motion tracking with unique accuracy control.

  • Accurate – Built from the ground up for calibrated accuracy

  • 3D Stereoscopic – 8K per eye resolution –  Very low distortion

  • Metrology – Applied Structure from Motion

Already in use by technical partners and the BBC, the system produces superior imagery and structure data for use in “hard” scientific VR and premium productions

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Delta VR System


Utilising distributed computing and advances in unsupervised machine learning, the Reflektor system applies techniques that seek to identify elegant correspondences in disparate data.

Focusing upon efficiencies in the general discovery process, Reflektor incorporates adaptive metaheuristic methods and active deep learning, the approach has a wide range of venture research applications.



Addressing the concerns of reduced endpoint and network security Cornerstone Oxford has applied fundamental principles for OTP and QRNG entropy to achieve wholly discrete and secure visual cryptography operations at the display and HMD only. The approach uses operational air-gap and out-of-band methods for entropy generation, key exchange and real-time message synchronisation.

  • Perfect secrecy

  • Real-time two-way communications

  • Cortex only cleartext

Applying to assured eyes-only use cases the Eyezone system addresses an emerging niche in high security applications.



The use of continuous robotic platforms for infectious agent reduction is held back by ineffective cleaning head mechanism design. Research reveals that in order to take greater advantage of the endurance offered by emerging robotic platforms  a different approach will be required than those designed for human operation.

Starting from scratch with a clinical use-case, a novel design was arrived at for a robust bactericidal/virucidal head for long duty cycle infectious agent reduction for robotic applications using a reliable, human-safe system of action.

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Cornerstone Oxford invites collaborations by design. We engage with partners through novel approaches to existing problems and fresh thinking discovery projects with significant impact potential for their enterprise. They in turn bring a critical infusion of scenarios and constraints.  In a short period this formula has enabled the company to engineer AI probes, high security systems and virtual reality tools.

Situated at the heart of the nations space, science and technology hub Cornerstone Oxford acts as a conduit between emerging technique, expertise, markets and challenges.

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“To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and collaboration engineering”